Home Heating Oil


Kerosene is also known as kero, and industrial paraffin, is used for domestic heating and industrial processes requiring low sulphur fuel. Kerosene has been widely produced since 1846. Its clean burning characteristics maintain a high heat output and maximum economy. For many years, it has been the most economical fuel for central heating. As a family run business for over 20 years, we at Skelly Oil believe that excellent service is paramount to our success. This level of service combined with first class local knowledge has made us one of the leading suppliers of home heating oil.

Gas Oil

Gas Oil is used in many older houses with an outdoor burner. Gas Oil is a Diesel type fuel used mainly in Industrial boilers, Home Heating Applications and as a fuel for off-road vehicles. The fuel is dyed green and also contains a chemical marker. Gas oil is available as a winter and summer grade. Customers should ensure that they have winter grade in their tanks before the onset of winter in October.

Advantages for choosing Skelly Oil for your heating oil:
  • Free delivery service
  • Next/same day delivery
  • Options for difficult access
  • Free advice on oil storage
  • Direct debit
  • Credit card payments