• Kerosene is a commercial / home heating oil which is also known as 'Kero' or 'Paraffin'.
  • It is orange in colour, clean burning (less sulphur content) and economical to use.
  • Also referred to as 28 second oil.
  • It can be used indoors such as in 'Aga' Cookers for e.g. Stanley range (It is imperative that the correct fuel is inserted into the oil tank feeding the cooker or else damage will occur)
  • Kerosene is treated with an anti freeze agent so as to ensure it is 'Wintergrade' all year round. (-18max)
  • It is slightly more expensive than Gas Oil (approx 1 cent per litre)
  • Vat is charged at 13.5%

Gas Oil

  • Gas Oil can also be referred to as Agricultural, Green or tractor diesel. It is also used as home heating oil in a lot of older house burners. Gas Oil is also used to Fuel ships.
  • It is illegal to use Gas Oil to fuel on the road vehicles.
  • It is green in colour (dyed) and can also be referred to as 35 second oil or marked Gas oil.
  • It can be used to run generators, fridge units on trucks, construction machinery and off road vehicles.
  • It can only be used for heating systems with an outdoor burner.
  • It is slightly lower in price than Kerosene
  • Vat is charged at 13.5%

D.E.R.V. - Diesel Engineered Road Vehicle

  • It is also known as Diesel and has the same properties as Gas Oil.
  • It is used for road vehicles.
  • Derv is treated with an anti freeze agent but it is only 'Wintergrade' from September to March.
  • Vat is charged at 23%.
  • Developments are underway to introduce a low sulphur content diesel into the Republic.

Fuel Storage Tanks

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